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We Buy Gold

Gold Earrings
Gold Bracelets
Gold Necklaces
Gold Coins
Gold Rings
Gold Watches
Gold Broaches or Pins
Gold Silverware ( Spoons, Forks, Knives, etc)

We Buy Diamonds

We buy diamonds of all sorts of sizes, cuts and clarity.

We Buy Watches

We buy watches of all kinds. From old pocket/railroad watches to wrist watches both open and closed faced.

We Buy Silver

Silver Earrings
Silver Bracelets
Silver Necklaces
Silver Coins
Silver Rings
Silver Watches
Silver Broaches or Pins
Silver Silverware (Spoons, Forks, Knives, etc)

We Buy Coins

We’re the best place to sell your gold & silver coins, including foreign coins.

Cash for Gold &
all types of jewelry

Specializing in gold, silver, coins, diamonds and watches.

It seems like everywhere you go there is someone who has a sign advertising “We Buy Gold”. So what makes us different? We treat our customers and their belongings with respect. If you don’t know what your items are worth, we don’t just tell you, we show you! We want our customers to walk away not just feeling like they got a good deal – we want you to know that you got a good deal!

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